Blogging 201, Day four: Give ‘EM what they want

Today’s assignment:do a basic stats analysis to help you create an editorial for the next thirty days.

Here is my Stats Analysis for September -16, 2015

Posts and pages __ Views_ 46


Search Engines_ 13 reader_ 3

Mail, Google.com_1

Widgets. Wp.Com_1


Commons, _2


Author                           Views

Ranu 802                      58

Country                             Views

  1. United States  _       22

2. India                            9

3. Indonesia                    7

4. United Kingdom_      4

5. United Arab Emirates_4

6. Pakistan_                      3

7.Canada_                        2

8. Philippines_                2

9. Kenya_                          1

10. Bangladesh__           1

Search Terms__                  Views

Search Term

Why can’t the two birds

live together _                            1

Unknown search terms_         9

Views_ 60

Visitors- 30

Likes-   52

Comments- 28


Most popular Day                                                   Most popular Hour

Wednesday                                                                 12:00 PM

18% views                                                                                   9 % View

All- time posts,       views         and visitors

Posts                         views                   visitors                      Best views Ever

1,954                         52, 689               22,734                        217(May 6, 2014)

The above is my stats analysis. I hope this is what I’m supposed to do.

……………………………… 🙂



Writing 101,Day Nine: Reinvent the letter format

Today, write your post as a letter. Approach it in any way you’d like.

This is a letter to my ,”Thoughts.”

Dear Thoughts(or should I address you as someone who constantly reads between the lines),

No matter how I address you, I must remind you  stop making my mind confused by your continual claim that so n’ so does not like me.

What made you think that? Is it by reading this person’s comment on my last post? Maybe it seemed like that to you; I really do not agree. There are times my readers decide after reading the post, they would handle the topic differently. It’s their reasoning, so please refrain from putting ideas in my head.

If I listen to you every time you make me believe someone doesn’t like me. I won’t have any friends. You are persistently messing up my brain. If you are unable to send positive vibes to me;leave me alone. I am pretty sure I can take care of myself.

Best wishes,