The Daily Post Prompt : False

In response to daily post’s prompt : False

We are living in a world where there is a struggle between real and false. More and more we see false is replacing everything real. Take for example the metal gold, while it’s price is soaring in the stock market, ordinary people who at one time could afford to buy a gold necklace are now satisfied with an imitation, it’s done so well that you’d never be able to pinpoint which is real and which is false.

Whenever I hear the word faut fur i.e, fake fur, it disturbs me. I’m satisfied knowing  when I’m unable to afford real, I won’t go for fake. To me it’s better to buy something which tells me it is real, cotton, linen, or silk. I do understand fur is not something people want to buy because of the number of animals killed to produce fur coats. I’m pleased we’d save the animals from extinction. What troubles me is why on earth should we buy coats or parkas made of fake fur. I am curious to know what kind of material they use to produce coats that look like fur but  in reality they aren’t.

The food industry scared us by saying butter was bad for us and they produced the imitation of butter called margarine, now word is around that margarine is bad for health. We the consumers are always deceived by the producers who make it their business to make us unhealthy, and  we are naive enough to believe them.

This is why the word false irritates me.

……………………………………….. 😦


6 thoughts on “The Daily Post Prompt : False

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you this post.

    I like how you’ve highlighted false or fake things, and how they may come to replace the real object. Let’s find the real!

    All good wishes,


  2. A very valid argument you have raised! Unfortunately, we live in a world that is ruled by the producers who will make us believe anything and everything they want to sell is “healthy”

  3. The examples of fur and butter are convincing. Leave the fur on animals, and we can wear other materials that are genuine. And butter? Yes, I’ve been told to use substitutions. And now their safety is a concern. Good, strong work! Thank you!

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