DP Daily Prompt: The Wanderer

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Tell us about the top five places, you’ve always wanted to go. Go!

The top five places I’d like to go are:

1. Vienna( Austria)

2. Venice( Italy)

3. Barcelona(Spain)

4. Paris(France)

5. Karachi(Pakistan)

Vienna: Attractions: Am hof: it’s the biggest square of the city center.

Giant Wheel: It was constructed by British engineer, Walter Basset. It offers a splendid view of the city.

Natural and Art history museums: They were built symmetrically opposite each other.

House of Music: An interesting attraction is the virtual orchestra where anyone can take a baton and conduct the Vienna Phil on a large screen.:

Venice: Points of interest: Grand Canal; Piazza san Marco; Saint Marc’s Basilica;Doge’s Palace; Rialto Bridge.

Barcelona: Points of interest: Sagroda familia; Gothic Quarter; Park Guell; Casa Mila; Palau de la Musica Catalona.

Paris: Points of interest: Eiffel Tower; The Louvre; Notre Dame de Paris; Arc de Triomph; Musee de Orsay.

Karachi: Mohatta Palace; Clifton Beach; Shopping.

These are the top five places I’ve always wanted to go.


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/04/23/dp-daily-prompt-the-wanderer




Writing Prompt: Earworm

What song is stuck in your head(or on permanent rotation in your CD or MP3) Why does it speak to you?

The following song by Celine Dion is stuck in my head.


The song reminds me of the sinking of the ,”Titanic’. I can visualize how traumatic it was for all those people who thought they were safe and suddenly the claim it was unsinkable was only a claim.

They were caught by surprise and were I think desperately looking for something to hold onto to live. This type of catastrophe makes us realize how fragile life is and we should enjoy life every moment we’re alive the best way we can because tomorrow we may not see the light of day.



April Blog Challenge: Letter ‘U’


Rain is falling drip drop

Umbrella is what I need

So I do not get wet




The rain keeps falling

She is unable to go out

The thought makes her uneasy!


Unending rain 

Is difficult to bear

Children screaming 

Will expose you to unbearable pain!


Mold and mildew

Brought in by the 

Unwelcome rain

Oh it is such a pain!