Blogging from A -to- Z challenge

Eagerly I waited for the result

This unforeseen delay troubled me a lot

Emily came and gave me hope

Excel you will there is no doubt!


Eagerly I waited for the result

This unforeseen delay troubled me a lot

Even if they say I have nothing to worry

Earnestly I say it stresses me a lot!


Eagerly I waited for the result

This unforeseen delay troubled me a lot

Easy for everyone to say don’t worry

Why are they withholding my result?


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Best Moment Award

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Thank you Sameer for nominating me for the “Best Moment Award”.

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Writing Prompt: Share the Love

Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.


I started blogging with zero knowledge. I was lost and wasn’t quite sure I’d continue. Suddenly one blogger who is also a participant of the course I’m doing came up with a few suggestions: He encouraged me to translate Tagore’s poems, it’s because my native tongue is Bengali and Tagore’s work is written in the same language.

At first I was nervous, I thought it was a huge task for me, would I be able to do it. I accepted the task, but thought I might not be able to continue. I translated one at a time and he was very kind and generous, he read them and left his wonderful comments. I was encouraged and soon found it enjoyable.

He also asked me to write about some towns and cities in my homeland which I’ve done. He continued to read my work and left valuable comments which is the reason I’m still writing.

His name is Akhtar Waseem Dar, I am very grateful to him. 6th- sharethelove/



DP Daily Prompt: Express Yourself!

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Do you love to dance,sing,write,sculpt,paint or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?

When I read this prompt and all the things listed, my favorite way of expressing myself. I’m afraid dance,sculpt, paint or debate,I’d have to take them off the list. They are all great things,but I haven’t learned to dance, sculpt or paint.

Debate was something I was exposed to but my shyness got in my way.

What remains in the list are sing and write. I loved to learn to sing, my mom thought I’d neglect my studies if she let me learn ,so I only sing by myself all those songs I memorized when I was in school. Right now I listen to Tagore songs and sing them not for anyone but to please myself.

I started writing a couple of years ago. It was purely accidental, I saw one of my course participant’s blog, I was excited to start my own. So here I am writing every day and enjoying it immensely.

So writing is the best medium for me to express myself. Lately I’ve met a nice bunch of people through ping back and I am having a lot of fun, some of them are so gifted, I wish I could write like Ali, her writing will wow you.  Her extensive vocabulary truly amazes me. Then there is Samir he writes about how he feels, it is funny and interesting, Sonya wows me with her poetry, Shaidi’s writing is spiritual and it helps to look at myself and think maybe I should follow her path which will at least keep me happy, Robert loves life and is always contented, Noah seems calm and expresses himself well,the Bohemian Rocker is multi talented which is awesome.

Having all these people around me is a blessing, I borrow their gift, their innocence,their mirth,spirituality,love and I am trying to build my blog to represent all these things.

Writing has helped me to express myself, I thank me for meeting all these extraordinary people who are from a variety of background but have joined together as one great happy family!